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Research Challenge

Category: Siggraph
Research Challenge results will be presented today from 2 pm to 3:30 pm in Theater 411. In this special session, teams that have worked on this year's Research Challenge present their solutions. Judges evaluate the projects and award wonderful prizes to the teams displaying the most complete, creative, elegant, and appealing solutions. Visit CGW.com for a list of the finalists.

The Finalists

Virtual Flashlight for Real-Time Scene Illumination and Discovery
Combining novel input and rendering technologies to create an interactive Haunted House that provides a heightened sense of immersion and allows for its content to be dynamically modified to create a fresh adventure on each successive visit.
James Geraci
Arun Mehta
Alexander Chia
Erek Speed
Square Enix CO., Ltd.

Hodu "Zero Failure" Physical Therapy System
A system for physical therapy inspired by Korean traditional medicine that reduces the stress, pain, and embarrassment associated with physical therapy and allows easier collection of data related to patient recuperation.
Hyeon Hui
Dan Mikesell
Hongik University

Seeing With Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras Directed by Gaze Over the Internet
With this advanced gaze-tracking system, users control a remote video PTZ camera's movements just by looking around at a computer screen that displays a video from the camera.
Andrzej Czyzewski
Bozena Kostek
Bartosz Kunka
Rafal Rybacki
Gdansk University of Technology

A computer interface that enables direct interactive experience with geospatial datasets by rendering them as three-dimensional physical shapes, augmented with projected graphics.
Daniel Leithinger
MIT Media Lab

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