Polhemus Debuts G4
August 8, 2010

Polhemus Debuts G4

Polhemus has launched G4, the next generation in wireless 6 Degree-of-Freedom motion tracking tool with AC electromagnetic technology. With wireless communication, scalability, and a compact design, G4 is well suited to various areas of motion capture, including research and technology, military applications, and the health-care field.
Capable of being belt-worn, the G4 electronics unit is the size of most mobile phones. Armed with sensors operating at 120 Hz, G4's hub calculates each sensor's position and orientation, and then wirelessly reports the information directly to the PC.

G4's compact design offers freedom of movement, without cumbersome tether cables, and delivers consistent, high-quality data with zero drift characteristics and no line-of-sight occlusions. Incorporating Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics, in concert with AC magnetics, provides data stability, high resolution, and high speed to be achieved.

The system is scalable; users can increase coverage or track additional objects or individuals by adding simple components.

G4 is easy-to-use and contains all the necessary processing hardware. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery, boasting 10+ hours of battery life, means less down time and more efficiency.

The G4 is making its debut at SIGGRAPH 2010.