Nvidia Booth with Barco Technology
July 27, 2010

Nvidia Booth with Barco Technology

Nvidia has selected Barco as its partner for displays, projectors, and image processing solutions to demonstrate its new professional graphics technology at SIGGRAPH 2010. In fact, Nvidia will is using a wide range of Barco solutions to present its graphics technologies to more than 25,000 computer graphics and interactive technology professionals at the annual event. This exhibit marks the first time Nvidia has built a 100 percent digital booth, eliminating all printed signage.
Nvidia is presenting its latest technology for visualization professionals in an expansive and dramatic booth, featuring its “Quadro Digital Theatre.” The theatre showcases presentations from industry-renowned guest speakers, as well as company officials. The dynamic stage employs four of Barco's next-generation, LED-lit, rear-projection video walls, the OL-721, a 70-inch display cube in a 2x2 format. On either side of the stage, two LCD 56-inch displays are mounted in a portrait configuration to create a unique and compelling backdrop for interactive Nvidia 3D graphics demos. A “green” product in a low-profile package, the OL series of video walls uses liquid cooling to reduce power consumption and is manufactured using recyclable materials. The OL series shows saturated colors, requires low maintenance and is proven in critical 24/7 applications.

To further enhance the experience, eight 50-inch OL-521 LED-lit, rear-projection displays will also be incorporated into a 4x2 wall displaying interactive 3D graphics demos utilizing the Barco XDS software. The Barco XDS software is a multi-windowing display management system that can be used to display both mono and stereoscopic sources simultaneously and multiple 2D and 3D sources on the display. Other Barco products in the booth include six NSL 46” LCD displays in a 1x6 format to demonstrate motion graphics digital signage and a Barco Galaxy NW-12 projector with WUXGA resolution and 12,000 lumens, ideal for displaying high-resolution computer graphics.

“NVIDIA and Barco both have an unwavering commitment to providing the best visualization technology,” says Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions Group, Nvidia. “When we began planning our exhibit for SIGGRAPH earlier this year, it was an easy choice to ask Barco to help us create a rich visual experience, with the brightest, sharpest HD resolution imagery possible. Together, our technologies work hand-in-hand to produce a remarkable, immersive environment.”