Nvidia Announces Fermi-Optimized Application Acceleration Engines
August 9, 2010

Nvidia Announces Fermi-Optimized Application Acceleration Engines

SceniX 6, Cg Toolkit 3, OptiX 2 technology, and iray rendering solutions from mental images, offer application developers a host of new features and benefits that they can offer to end-users across a range of markets, including medical imaging, automotive styling, architectural design, and energy exploration.

New features and benefits include:

Nvidia SceniX 6
New Bezier Patch geometry class, using Cg tessellation programs for the smoothest of surfaces on Nvidia Fermi architecture class GPUs;

OptiX 2 support for faster, interactive ray tracing;

Continued improvements in overall performance and fidelity, and;

Future support for iray by mental images.

Nvidia Cg Toolkit 3
New tessellation programs, allowing displacement and procedural surfaces to dynamically adapt their tessellation in real-time on the latest NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs, and;

OpenGL 4 and DirectX 11 level of programmability for the latest in portable, cross platform effects.

Nvidia OptiX 2
Optimizations for new Nvidia Fermi architecture class GPUs, delivering up to 4X performance over previous generation (GT200) GPUs and >10X over G92;

Support for all Nvidia CUDA architecture-capable NVIDIA GPUs (G92 or later) on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, and;

Direct3D and fast interoperability in Direct3D and OpenGL; for flexible compositing and hybrid rendering opportunities.

iray from mental images
Physically correct and fully deterministic global illumination rendering;

Superb scaling between multiple NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs on the same machine, and;

Distributed rendering support for efficiently leveraging multiple Quadro and Tesla™ GPUs in a network.

Nvidia Application Acceleration Engines are available immediately to developers for download.