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NewTek, known for its TriCaster broadcast virtual background-generating system and LightWave 3D software package, are expected to announce LightWave 10 in booth #337. LightWave 10 marks the company’s first major release in two years. The new version is expected to feature many new productivity tools for both independent and 3D artists working in a standard or mixed workflow environment. Also expect to witness some first iterations of the company’s ambitious new CORE Technology features, written from the ground-up to take advantage of today’s super computers and GPUs. LightWave has been used recently in the re-dux “V” television series; the Virtual Art Department used in James Cameron’s Avatar; and the up-coming Spielberg Tintin film. On Wednesday, July 28, at 1 pm, sci-fi icon William Shatner and LightWave artist Dick Van Dyke will make a special appearance on the NewTek booth to launch Shatner’s new social-networking Web site, – think FaceBook for sci-fi fans, artists, script writers, 3D animators, and VFX artists. With a collection of “Starship” sub-communities, Shatner will discuss the history of visual effects and the community in Hollywood that came to write, create, design, and dazzle us all with sci-fi and fantasy, inspired in great part by Star Trek. The communities have grown, and goes beyond FaceBook in an effort to connect creative, artistic, talented folks. NewTek also hosts a one-on-one discussion with Rob Powers, NewTek’s new senior director of Entertainment & Media Development. Powers was formerly director for the Virtual Art Department with James Cameron working on Avatar; he also recently completed work on TinTin. Powers is making some big changes, and bringing a very fresh and frank approach to developing the future of LightWave, and mandating a software package designed for today’s 3D production artists, technical directors and new-to-3D students.

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