NewTek LightWave 10 and the InterSense VCam Debut
August 8, 2010

NewTek LightWave 10 and the InterSense VCam Debut

NewTek, developer of 3D animation and video products, and InterSense Inc., a provider of precision motion technology, have announced an off-the-shelf 3D virtual production system: LightWave 10 with VCam. The companies have integrated NewTek's LightWave 3D software with the InterSense patented virtual camera technology, enabling creators of 3D films and games to model, animate, render, scout, and set shots with one, complete solution.
LightWave 10 with VCam lets users create realism in a real-time virtual environment by combining physical camera moves within a model to render software solution.

NewTek LightWave 10 in addition to integration with the InterSense VCam, provides modeling, rendering, and animation capabilities with new interactive display and rendering functions, data interchange enhancements, immersive real-time and game capabilities, Bullet rigid body dynamics, and new UV mapping tools.

InterSense's VCam delivers organic, real-time virtual camera tracking, which makes it easy to scout virtual locations, frame shots, and quickly shoot, re-shoot, and produce virtual content. VCam helps artists achieve immersive real-time visualization results that are virtually unattainable with traditional methods.

"There's no question that 3D technology is one of the hottest topics in film and game making, but accessibility continues to be an issue," says Rob Powers, vice president, 3D development, NewTek. "NewTek and InterSense have changed that with LightWave 10 featuring VCam integration. I'm excited to bring my knowledge and experience in virtual production for films like Avatar and Tintin to help create a solution that takes 3D to the next level by making this technology available to everyone. We've done that with LightWave 10."