NewTek Appoints Rob Powers Vice President of 3D Development
July 26, 2010

NewTek Appoints Rob Powers Vice President of 3D Development

NewTek, provider of 3D animation and video products, has promoted Rob Powers to the position of vice president of 3D development. Powers will oversee the design and development of NewTek's 3D products, leveraging his extensive experience in the visual effects and film production industry. In his role as senior director of entertainment and media development for NewTek, Powers acted as a liaison between studios, 3D artists and NewTek, sharing the benefits of LightWave with the visual effects community, and relaying the studios' and artists' needs to the NewTek LightWave development team.
"Rob has played a pivotal role in the development of LightWave over the last several months," says Jim Plant, president and chief executive officer, NewTek. "He has a clear understanding of what artists and filmmakers need from their 3D technology and that makes him the ideal candidate to lead NewTek's 3D development efforts. Under his guidance, LightWave will continue to deliver innovative, groundbreaking technologies that meet the growing needs of visual effects producers everywhere."

Prior to joining NewTek, Powers worked with James Cameron, serving as animation technical director and virtual art department supervisor for Avatar, and as CG supervisor for Aliens of the Deep. Powers also worked with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, serving as virtual art department supervisor for Tintin. He worked on Disney's Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Jet Li's The One, and was the lead animator of the famous 3D dancing baby on "Ally McBeal." NewTek also enlisted Powers to use LightWave 3D to create the first 64-bit Windows animation, which was presented by Bill Gates in a keynote address.

Powers graduated from the University of Southern California's Cinema Production program, and attended the Academy of Motion Pictures, American Film Institute.