Maxon 3D Animation
July 26, 2010

Maxon 3D Animation

Maxon Computer, a developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation, and rendering solutions, is demonstrating its Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D product lines in its booth (#307) at SIGGRAPH. Digital artists from leading post production facilities, visual production and design studios will also demonstrate Cinema 4D's power and performance as they breakdown key challenges and the creative workflow in some of the year's most exciting, high profile 3D motion graphics, animation and texture painting projects. A variety of guest presenters are scheduled to showcase work created with Maxon software; for a complete list, visit
Scheduled presenters in Maxon booth 307 include:
John LePore, associate creative director for Perception, an award-winning New York City-based creative studio, returns to the MAXON booth with his trademark wit and engaging presentation style to show experiences from several of the studio's latest projects with CINEMA 4D on behalf of Powerade Zero, The British Open on ESPN, a promo for the NBC Sports Championship Season as well elements created for the feature film, Iron Man 2.

Max Gabl, ( an acclaimed matte painter and visual effects artist (Stealth, Flags of Our Fathers, Mystic River, Racing Stripes, Pushing Daisies, Star Trek:The Original Series Re-mastered ) will demonstrate 3D matte painting and texturing capabilities in CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D using camera projection techniques for composing virtual elements into live footage.

Rob Garrot of Bending Pixels, an artist, instructor, and veteran CINEMA 4D user, will provide a tutorial-style presentation based on the components of his newly released tutorial series for entitled, " Cinema 4D: Designing a Promo". The extensive series outlines the entire production process used to create a 15-second promotional video for the "Shark Zone". CINEMA 4D modeling and animation techniques will be emphasized that brought the finished promo design to completion.

Ken Carlson of Big Machine Design will demonstrate how CINEMA 4D and Adobe After Effects play a hand in creating animated casino cards for commercial and on-air designs for The NFL Network.

Mike Senften, a motion graphics artist with 4dthieves (Ecko watches, Nautica, W Hotel), will demonstrate his innovative and unique approach to design using sound generated animation in CINEMA 4D.

Nick Campbell of Greyscale Gorilla, a seasoned motion designer (Dexter, the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Target, Blackberry) and an online phenom will demonstrate 'sexy' 3D without keyframes, as well as MoDynamics and other illuminating creative tips.