MachStudio Pro with Pixar RenderMan Support
July 27, 2010

MachStudio Pro with Pixar RenderMan Support

With a direct path to RenderMan, MachStudio Pro artists can choose between the software’s built-in GPU renderer to produce previews or view final results, or utilize the quality of the CPU-driven RenderMan renderer to create beauty shots and/or specific render passes. Artists also have the flexibility to use the MachStudio Pro and the RenderMan render engines simultaneously, combining the different passes from the two robust render engines to create almost any desired look.

All shaders shipped with MachStudio Pro will have RenderMan Shader Language (RSL) equivalents. MachStudio Pro will also offer artists the ability to import, edit, and create custom-complied RSL shaders, parameters, and attributes from directly within the application.

MachStudio Pro is real-time, nonlinear 3D shot finaling and compositing software that harnesses the power of today’s massively parallel processing units in off-the-shelf professional graphics accelerators.

MachStudio Pro with an overlapping RenderMan render and the RenderMan render manager open with options visible.