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Legend 3D, having grown from a staff of 40 to more than 250, has become the largest 2D-to-3D conversion company in the nation, with the aid of Southpaw Technology and Integrated Media Technologies (IMT), says a company spokesperson.

Legend 3D is nearing the completion of converting three recent blockbusters to 3D for DVD release later this year, and has several projects ready to enter its pipeline. To accomplish these projects, the company has installed Southpaw's Tactic production and digital asset management (DAM) system, with the supervision of LA-based Integrated Media Technologies.

Says Tony Lopez, Legend 3D's director of technology: "With the pace that our company grew, we couldn't keep up using old folder structure and file name conventions. Now we finally have a good rhythm going and have grown this into a tool for production, as well as asset management, accounting, info for our sales teams, and accurate productivity trending so that we can predict and deliver."

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