Craft Animations Custom Development Service
July 27, 2010

Craft Animations Custom Development Service

Craft Animations announces the availability of its Custom Development Service. For designers, animators, educators, and engineers who require specialized capabilities, real-time integration, or custom toolsets for specific task completion, the Craft Animations Custom Development Service is designed to extend the efficiency and functionality of any software application or simulation system. Craft Animations will feature the Custom Development Service, as well as the entire Craft Director Studio suite, at SIGGRAPH 2010. Demonstrations of Craft Director Studio will be available within the Craft Animations (#901) and Autodesk (#500) booths.
Utilizing knowledge of specialized tool development and autonomous control systems, Custom Development Service offers personalized creation of stand-alone solutions, add-ons, or plug-ins based on specific customer request.

The Craft Animations Custom Development Service offers the following tool expansion opportunities:
Creation of specific animation patterns
Transformation of raw data to visual representations and animations
Integration of animation capabilities in visualization systems and game engines
Complex rigging services

Pricing is determined by the scope and depth of each request, and need for proprietary ownership. Tools will be available for requesting user only, unless otherwise specified.