Computer Animation Festival

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SIGGRAPH invites attendees to immerse themselves in some of the world’s most innovative and stimulating computer-generated animation and visual effects. Celebrate with the people behind the pixels as they present a full spectrum of genres and styles, ranging from narrative character animation to scientific visualization, commercials for mainstream TV, and cinematic digital effects. In addition to the prestigious Electronic Theater and a series of thematic screenings, the five-day Computer Animation Festival features: Computer Animation Festival Awards, Electronic Theater, Commercials & Cinematics, Long Shorts & Student Animation, Shorts & Long Shorts, and Chinese Student Animation. Also included are Production Sessions, where attendees learn how world-class creative and production talent created the computer animation and visual effects in some of the festival’s most provocative works. Live Real-Time Demos enable attendees to experience video games and real-time simulations that push the boundaries of what users and viewers have come to expect. No postproduction, just great interactive graphics demonstrated in real time. Selected projects are available to try in The Sandbox. Lastly, at the Animation Clinic on Wednesday from 2 pm to 3:30 pm in Room 406 AB, eavesdrop on experienced animators as they offer creative, production, technical, and career advice.

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