SIGGRAPH 2009 Panel
August 3, 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009 Panel

Enter the era of "Eye-Def" Computing and digital filmmaking at SIGGRAPH 2009 when director Peter Berg (The Kingdom, Hancock, and the upcoming remake of Dune), software creator and OTOY CEO Jules Urbach, and AMD computer and graphics processors executive Rick Bergman discuss ground-breaking advances in hardware and software that enable sophisticated real-time rendering techniques and new delivery models, and forthcoming client and server hardware that has the potential to put the equivalent of a Hollywood render farm in a home set-top box.

Monday, 3 August | 3:45 PM - 5:30 PM | Room 271-273

"As new technologies approach unperceivable differences between CG characters and real actors, breakthroughs in processing power and software are creating a powerful new medium: Eye-Definition Computing," says Carlye Archibeque, SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival executive producer. "As this medium moves into real-time rendering capabilities, new possibilities are born in digital filmmaking, video game development, and interactive animation."

Join the panelists as they contemplate the impact and implications of:

Films with entirely CG created characters

Real-time rendering for pre-visualization

Game characters as detailed as CG film characters

Digital immortality for actors through advanced new image and data capture techniques

New possibilities in blending interactivity with the home movie viewing experience