May 7, 2008

SIGGRAPH Expands 2008 Technical Papers Program

The SIGGRAPH 2008 Technical Papers Program is expanding to include conference presentations for each paper published this year in the journal ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG). In addition to the core topics of modeling, animation, rendering, and imaging, several presentations will highlight groundbreaking research in scientific visualization, information visualization, computer-aided design, human-computer interaction, computer vision, robotics, and applications such as film special effects and computer games.

The SIGGRAPH 2008 Technical Papers Program is the premier international forum for presenting the world's best research innovations within the computer graphics industry, says a representative. This year's jury of industry experts and innovators sorted through a record-breaking 518 submissions from around the globe before selecting 90 papers for presentation at SIGGRAPH 2008.


"These presentations give us a glimpse into a future with highly realistic computer games, stunning feature film special effects, intelligent cameras, and rich photo manipulation tools," states Greg Turk, SIGGRAPH 2008 Technical Papers Chair from the Georgia Institute of Technology. "This year, we increased the participation in decision making of the tertiary reviewers [those that do not attend the Papers Committee meeting]."


As was done in 2007, the Technical Papers will be presented using a system of per-paper discussants to promote a lively exchange of ideas and provide coverage of the industry and all its many facets. Each paper in the program will be allotted 25 minutes, 20 minutes for presentation and five minutes for discussion of the paper, with the session chair serving as discussant. 


More details on the SIGGRAPH 2008 Technical Papers Program will be available soon at