Thinkbox Software Releases Deadline 6.1

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LOS ANGELES — Thinkbox Software has launched a new version of the company's high-volume data management solution, Deadline 6.1.

Compatible across all platforms, the release leverages the UI and database backend introduced in Deadline 6 and features improved stability, enhanced house-cleaning operations and faster job submission. With functions that can perform more than 10x faster, the update can also be easily scaled up to support thousands of machines. Additionally, Deadline 6.1 incorporates Draft 1.1, the latest iteration of Thinkbox's lightweight compositing and video processing plug-in designed to automate typical post-render tasks, which now includes improved OpenEXR support.

Deadline Monitor Linux

A scalable process management tool, Deadline ensures that jobs run efficiently across workstations regardless of their geographical locations to save time, energy and money. As the leading render management software in the visual effects industry, it is also used to manage compute resources in engineering and business markets.

"Deadline 6.1 is packed with new features and performance optimizations that enable facilities to scale like never before - whether they are managing thousands of machines or just a few. Jigsaw, for example, lets you split a single frame render over countless machines, and our new node-view dependency graph is the icing on the cake; it allows users to manage script, asset and job dependencies in an intuitive and visual way," said Chris Bond, founder of Thinkbox Software. "We've continued to strengthen our internal Deadline team, we've been listening to our customers and have integrated much of the feedback thrown our way - big and small. Deadline 6.1 definitely is a reflection of our commitment to developing tools that allow users to maximize the full potential of their workflows."

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