Shadowbound Open Beta Test Launches
July 15, 2014

Shadowbound Open Beta Test Launches

The Open Beta will run for six days, and will offer players a chance to explore the character classes, quest areas, and tactical challenges of the Shadowbound world. With character progress now permanent and the in-game microtransaction system having been activated, players are free to experience the full Shadowbound experience. As the testing process wraps up, R2Games encourages all participants to join the conversation on the forums and let their opinions be heard.

On their journey through the dark lands of Shadowbound, players will experience a story filled with conspiracy, peril, and intrigue. Featuring classic MMORPG gameplay mixed with fresh takes on combat and skill progression, the Shadowbound Open Alpha welcomes players to choose a class, amass a vast party of NPC companions, and set forth!

Key features include tile-based puzzle dungeons, companion options to form a team, team combat, the chance to join or create a guild with the community option, and the ability to preview content.

The Shadowbound Open Beta will be available exclusively at: