IBC President Passes Away

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John Wilson, long-term chairman of IBC, has died.

Often regarded as the architect of IBC as we know it today, Wilson was a successful member of the business community, finishing his career at Link Electronics and founding a displays business, Anna Valley.

By 1990, it had become clear that IBC had become limited in its venue in Brighton, and Wilson recognized that to move the show to the next level, a dramatic change was needed in the way IBC was run. Wilson created the new structure. With six partner bodies – IABM, IEEE, IET, RTS, SCTE, and SMPTE – the event had a strong guidance, and with a new and professional management team, it could take the message to a much larger stage. Many people were involved in the transition, but IBC is quick to credit the success due to Wilson's skills, contacts, and vision.

He became chair of the new organization, and when he passed the mantle on, he was given the title of president. 

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