nPower Unveils New Power Surfacing Plug-in

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SAN DIEGO, CA — nPower Software has released Power Surfacing, an industrial design plug-in product for SolidWorks 3D design software that improves the design process for modeling organic, free-form surfaces in SolidWorks.

When a shape is designed with Power Surfacing, it is a single, unified object that can easily be modified in both subtle and significant ways without pulling apart the resulting NURBS surfaces. Once converted into a native SolidWorks part, those sub-D models are treated just as if they had been created with traditional SolidWorks tools. Thus, SolidWorks features like Booleans, fillets, shells, and so forth can be applied to the parts just as if the parts had been modeled with typical SolidWorks tools. After applying SolidWorks features, Power Surfacing users can go back to the original sub-D form and modify the surface shape and downstream features will be reapplied.

Power Surfacing can quickly and accurately convert virtually any sub-D model (even sub-D models that have some triangles) into the precise NURBS representation that is standard for SolidWorks parts. Power Surfacing creates high-quality surfaces, which accurately interpolate the vertices of the original Sub-D mesh. 

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