Project Snowstorm to Shake Up Mobile Gaming on Kickstarter
August 2, 2013

Project Snowstorm to Shake Up Mobile Gaming on Kickstarter

"Mobile phones and tablets are an increasing part of our lives, and while there are some great casual games, we think there's a large crowd of gamers who, like us, want more from mobile experiences," said William Diehl, founder of SnowFury Studios. "We want to change what you expect from mobile games by bring the kind of visuals, story and online collaboration you'd expect from a PC or Console title. "

Featuring a rich RPG storyline that adapts based on player decisions and a real-time pet battle system, Project Snowstorm promises to put the gamer's skills, reaction time and ingenuity as a player to the test.

The Kickstarter campaign, with a base goal of $500,000 and stretch goals up to $3 million, gives online contributors exclusive opportunities to go behind the scenes with unprecedented, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) access to the creative team throughout the development process.

The Kickstarter community has shown time and time again that they can enable ambitious projects like Snowstorm," said Diehl. "With your help, we want to disrupt the status quo of 'tap, tap, tap' casual gaming and create a vast, 3D world with real-time controls and a scalable MMO Cloud platform that clears the way for other innovative gaming projects."

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About SnowFury Studios

Founded in 2012 by William Diehl, SnowFury Studios develops immersive 3D gaming and entertainment experiences for mobile phones and tablets.