Vision Reseach Launches High-Speed Camera
March 27, 2012

Vision Reseach Launches High-Speed Camera

The v642 is supported by a custom designed ultra-sensitive 4-megapixel 2K sensor that can record full-resolution frame rates of 1,450 frames-per-second. Typical broadcast resolutions are supported, in addition to 1080p at 2,560 frames-per-second.

With shutter speeds down to 1 microsecond and a global electronic shutter, crisp, sharp images are guaranteed with little or no image blur or motion artifacts. Extremely high frame rates at HD resolutions enables playback speeds as much as 90x times slower than live action. 

Multi-Matrix color correction technology allows for accurate color matching to normal frame rate cameras, leveraging independent adjustments of saturation and hue. Working with video matrix, hue, gamma and chroma adjustments enables the Phantom v642 to color match with normal speed broadcast supporting live sporting events.  

The v642 includes 8GBs of built in high-speed dynamic RAM with 16GB and 32GB versions also available. A segmented memory feature allows users to divide images into up to 63 segments, creating multiple back-to-back shots without the need to download data from the camera. The v642 comes standard with a PL-mount for full sensor coverage (2560 X1600 pixels). Native support for 1080p is made possible using customized B4 adapter options.