Vicon Blade Delivers Real-time Mocap

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Blade 2 empowers customers in film, animation and games with streamlined motion-capture production workflow. 

OXFORD, UK — Vicon, developer of award-winning motion-capture (mocap) products for the entertainment, life science and engineering industries, has officially released Blade 2, powered by Axiom following a successful alpha program.

Blade 2 is the first entertainment motion-capture processing software to deliver real-time results out of the box. Two years in development, Blade has been completely re-engineered with a new live engine called Axiom, which faithfully reproduces a live stage-captured performance with an accurate, fast, clean, real-time digital visualization. Blade 2 is capable of easily managing the capture of multiple characters, complex production scenarios and difficult shooting conditions.

Features of Blade 2 include:

* New real-time processing of digital character animation during a motion-capture shoot.

* Automatic fixing of occlusions for flawless visuals during real time shooting and faster processing of the offline data.

* Capture multiple, simultaneous range of motions (ROMs), saving time during setup.

* Quick Post allows offline access to Axiom’s real-time processing algorithms.

* Actor calibration up to 50 percent faster.

* Improved workflows and UI layout.

*Support for Vicon Active Wand for improved system calibration.

Phil Elderfield, Entertainment Product Manager at Vicon, said, “We’re excited with the launch of Blade 2 and Axiom. Weve put a lot of hard work into this release and we’re confident that the results outperform anything else available. Whether for full-performance capture, for games or in a virtual production scenario, shooting mocap has become much more practical. The creative benefits and efficiency gains of seeing the performance of a live actor mapped straight onto a digital character in real-time will change the way motion capture is being used.”

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