Scholarships Inspire 'Ambition'

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PENSACOLA, FL — The National Flight Academy announced today plans to distribute a $125,000 matching scholarship fund made possible by the University of Florida and Full Sail University totaling $250,000. The funding will allow hundreds of students to attend three and five day sessions aboard Ambition.

Ambition is a brand new, land-locked, scenically and theatrically outfitted aircraft carrier, located in Pensacola, Florida - the birthplace of aviation heroes and innovation. Ambition brings the latest in multisensory media and simulation technologies coupled with dynamic teaching methods into an aviation-themed in-residence multi-day STEM-based educational program for 7th-12th graders. It has been described as “theme-park-meets-think-tank”. The facility also accommodates an exciting environment for business team building, meetings and retreats.

Full Sail University, is a major creative force in the development of the digital and animated story-telling, key to the immersive experience. The University of Florida,, is a leader in education innovation and fully supports an inspired play learning environment.

Full Sail University Co-Chairman/CEO, Bill Heavener and UF President, Bernie Machen will both attend the anticipated “Commissioning” of Ambition, May 11, 2012. Members of the inaugural class boarding Ambition will benefit from the financial incentives provided by these generous grants.

Commissioning is on May 11, 2012 beginning at 8:30 a.m. on the grand lawns of the National Flight Academy. The event is open to the public and guests are encouraged to park and enter through the National Naval Aviation Museum located aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. 

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