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BOSTON — Mercury Learning and Information ( has published “Video Game Writing from Macro to Micro,” a new book that explores the challenging and evolving world of the games writer. Written by Maurice Suckling and Marek Walton, and priced at $41.95, the book is divided into four parts,and provides a detailed look into all the aspects of writing for games.

Part I provides an overview of the history of games writing following its humble roots in the ‘60s to today’s triple-A titles. Part II asks and answers the key question: “What does a games writer do and how do they do it?”  Especially useful reading for novice game writers, its chapters cover a broad range of topics including contracts, NDAs, creative collaboration, narrative design, editing, adaptations, and environmental storytelling.  Part III addresses deeper theoretical questions increasingly relevant in today’s games titles, including why have stories at all? What is plot and how does it work?  How best can a writer use an agency? Finally, Part IV presents readers with hard-earned nuggets of wisdom from today’s game writers working in America, Europe, and Japan.

The book features practical samples and case studies, and discusses many popular game titles, including BioShock, World of Warcraft, and Half Life.

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