Frozen Flame Illuminates MindTex

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Frozen Flame is offering its MindTex, a texture-generation utility for game developers and 3D professionals, at a significantly reduced cost of just under $15. MindTex can generate a normal, height, specular, glow, or occlusion map within seconds from a single-source texture. 

MindTex takes a diffuse, normal, or height map as an input texture and generates a normal, height, specular, self illumination, and/or ambient occlusion map. A variety of settings are offered for each map type, allowing users to fine-tune the generated results. MindTex also offers a 3D preview with a variety of options. Artists can tweak lighting parameters to simulate the environment in which their texture will be used, pick the model (standard or custom) that the texture will be applied to, change the UV tiling on the model, and pick which maps will display in the 3D view.

MindTex additionally includes a map export settings control panel for specifying which maps will export and how the final maps will be generated. The map-generation options are applied on a per-pixel basis, allowing you to quickly and easily store a grayscale map in the alpha channel of an RGB map or bake ambient occlusion into the diffuse texture on export, for instance. For large projects, MindTex includes a batch processing and export feature. Accessible with a GUI through the tools menu as well as via command line, this feature makes generating normal maps for a large collection of textures simple and automatic.

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