Eyeon Ships Dimension Stereoscopic Toolset

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TORONTO — Eyeon Software (www.eyeonline.com) is now shipping Dimension, a new tool designed to solve a number of common problems that occur in stereoscopic film and broadcast production. Dimension was introduced at IBC last September. The release includes two series of tools: a disparity toolset and an optical flow toolset.

Dimension can precisely construct disparity mapping for accurate per-pixel manipulation of the left and right eyes in true 3D space. Image sequences can also be processed to achieve numerous results far beyond stereoscopic requirements. The release helps eliminate problems that would normally require a large amount of manual rotoscoping and paintwork, including correcting vertical alignment mismatches due to misaligned 3D rigs;  modifying eye separation and convergence; and correcting various types of mismatches between left/right eyes due to camera focus differences, mirror polarization differences, and camera sync timing issues.

Dimension also adds new optical flow-based technology to analyze image sequences for optimum results. Tools are provided for slow motion and nonlinear retiming of footage, removing dust and scratches from frames, reducing grain and smoothing out color fluctuations. Pricing is $995.

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