The Khronos Group Invites Universities, Training Centers to Submit Open Course Content for KITE Program

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Beaverton, Ore. - The Khronos Group--maintainers of open standards, such as OpenGL, OpenCL, WebGL, and other universal graphics, parallel computing, and multimedia APIs-extends a formal invitation to participate in its KITE initiative.

KITE, a cooperative effort between the Khronos Group, its individual members, and worldwide educational institutions, provides free, Web-based resources and Wiki hosting of Khronos-approved educational materials for teachers and students. The company is building a repository of open courseware from universities and colleges worldwide and invite participation.
Designed to facilitate communications and enable project collaboration between educators, students, researchers, and Khronos Group members, KITE will offer reference materials and coursework covering all the Khronos Group programming solutions, including its OpenGL family of desktop and mobile 3D graphics APIs, OpenCL heterogeneous computing, OpenMAX multimedia frameworks, and more.

Students all over the world will have access to a wide range of resources, including:

  • "Study Hall" with industry materials and forums for courseware discussions with lecturers
  • "The Quad" for online meet-ups for students to discuss projects and news
  • A notice board to find internships, competitions and projects offered by Khronos Members
  • "Roving Reporter" opportunities to report back on industry activities and to share demo videos and interviews. 

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