New XPAND Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses Offer World-Class Performance and Comfort for Theater Environments

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands - At CineEurope 2011, XPAND 3D is introducing a new generation of active 3D cinema glasses that offer lighter weight, greater transparency and higher performance than any other 3D glasses in the industry. The new XPAND Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses offer pristine cinema image quality and long-lasting comfort, making them the ultimate 3D glasses for moviegoers.

The XPAND Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses feature greater transparency, which translates to an improved brightness of 37 percent over the previous models. They offer a contrast ratio of 2000:1, the highest in the market. The Glasses are powered with a replaceable CR2032 coin battery, with a life of 300 hours in Triple Flash mode.

The XPAND Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses are extremely light, weighing only 56 grams. Combined with a stylish and ergonomic design, the Glasses can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. The Glasses come with three nosepieces and are available in two colors: red and black. They can also be equipped with optional RFID tags for anti-theft, allowing theater owners to track and monitor each pair of glasses.

While other 3D systems perform well in the center of the screen but suffer from massive decline in performance as the viewer moves to the left or right from center, the XPAND Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses perform extraordinarily from any viewing angle, ensuring an optimal 3D experience no matter where the viewer is sitting in the cinema.

"While competitors are simply repackaging older technology, XPAND 3D continues to find new and innovative ways to deliver the best 3D experience to cinemas, and the new XPAND Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses exemplify this commitment to innovation," says Maria Costeira, CEO, XPAND 3D. "The Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses are very light and designed for long-term wearing, and more importantly, they offer greater performance than any other 3D glasses on the market."

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