Mechdyne shows design tools to automakers

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MARSHALLTOWN, IA — Mechdyne Corporation ( is partnering with Dassault Systemes to demonstrate new technologies available to design industry professionals at “Design Los Angeles.” The show is an annual automobile designers’ conference held prior to the LA Auto Show (November 18‐27) at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Mechdyne and Dassault Systemes are partnering to demonstrate DS’ Catia Live Rendering, a solution that provides an intuitive and interactive means for creating images that rival photographs. Conference goers will be able to view the high quality of the models rendered in Catia on a 103-inch Panasonic HD plasma display provided by Mechdyne. 

“Partnering with Dassault Systemes for Design LA is a natural because both our organizations offer a host of technologies that can assist automakers throughout the design and manufacturing process," explains James Gruening, senior VP of Mechdyne.

Being able to view very photorealistic models of designs is fast becoming a necessity for designers and engineers in order to make more accurate and faster decisions throughout the design and manufacturing process. Programs like Catia Live Rendering and interactive display technologies from Mechdyne provide an intuitive and interactive means to clearly communicate a designer’s vision and progress. At any stage of a design, engineers can see how the product will look in real life. 

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