Mechdyne Supports Digital Projection International at Integrated Systems Europe

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Marshalltown, Iowa - Mechdyne Corp. partnered with Digital Projection International at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), February 1 through 3, in Amsterdam.

Mechdyne provided support, image-generation capabilities, and applications to support a high-resolution 3D dome at Digital Projection International's (DPI) booth. The four-meter-wide, concave dome demonstrated at DPI's booth utilized four TITAN 3D projectors at 1920x1200 resolution. The professional 3D projectors use DPI's near zero latency warp, blend, and network control processor, Fusion, to perform the geometry required to turn the overlap from each projector into one seamless image. In addition to the computer graphics cluster to drive the display, Mechdyne provided vGeo software to drive the projectors at their native resolution. The combined technologies produce a stunningly realistic, immersive, and interactive experience.

At the show, Mechdyne and DPI presented atmospheric data from NASA and a walkthough of a dessert town provided by WorldViz, but the dome solution could also be used for flight simulations, manufacturing design, architectural walkthroughs, and a wide variety of other data displays.

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