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Crytek Releases CryEngine3 SDK

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 Frankfurt, Germany - Crytek has released CryEngine 3, its latest all-in-one game development solution, free of charge for non-commercial use.

The SDK includes the CryEngine 3 Sandbox level editor, a production-proven, third-generation "What you see is what you play" (WYSIWYP) tool designed by and for professional developers.

The free toolset is available for download at crydev.net, the former crymod.com community portal that offers documentation written by the developers of the engine, a community, and a supplementary knowledge base for CryEngine3.

"With the release of our SDK, we encourage creators to try out CryEngine 3 and hope it will lead to new companies being formed and using our engine. More importantly we expect to increase the talent pool for CryEngine developers, as well as boosting our online community of users. This SDK contains more toys than we've ever released before - it empowers people to create whole new games from scratch, not just mod Crytek's own games, so we encourage all aspiring and indie developers to try it out," explains Carl Jones, director of global business development at CryEngine. "For those who want to make the step into commercial gaming, we'll offer a royalty-only license model for games made with this SDK, where Crytek require only 20% of the developer's revenues from the commercial launch of their game."

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