projectiondesign Releases Innovation in Postproduction Projection Displays

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Fredrikstad, Norway – Norway’s projectiondesign introduces a series of stunning innovations which harness new technologies in ways that are previously unseen and particularly useful for high-performance display in the broadcast, content creation, and post-production industries.

“More and more people recognize projection as a requirement for proper post production imaging display, as it becomes the porthole and window for editing systems when it faithfully reproduces the image NLE’s want,” says Anders Løkke, international marketing & communications manager, projectiondesign. “Our projectors’ quality is specially designed for use in post production, and we are proud to introduce true innovation.” projectiondesign is ‘pushing the envelope’ when it comes to image resolution by unveiling the cineo35 2.5k – the world’s first compact projector showing images at up to 2560 x 1600 native resolution. “With uncompressed and unaltered display of 2K data and beyond, the cineo35 2.5k gives the fine detail view that 1080p projectors are unable to provide without cropping or scaling the image,” adds Anders Løkke. “Additionally, because of the extra resolution available, the projector can display full 2K in a window and still offer space for editing tools on the same screen. We believe this is the perfect projector for small to medium-sized rooms where color accuracy and performance are the most important criteria.” The cineo35 2.5k can be calibrated to display any color space, and comes with a wide range of IO options and high quality lenses. The cineo35 2.5k will be available in both a traditional lamp based, and an LED based version.

Rounding out the projectiondesign offering the projector manufacturer will announce a brand new stereoscopic 3D projector made specifically for post production, the cineo35 3D. The cineo35 3D features full HD resolution, 3G SDI and HDMI/Dual Link DVI inputs, and displays full active stereoscopic content at up to 330 MHz pixel rates. “Realizing the ever increasing requirements for 3D displays in the content creation industry, projectiondesign is determined to use our expertise to deliver products tailored to meet these demands”, says Løkke. “Many of our customers have asked for a high definition, single lens, no compromise solution to show 3D in their preview suites and creative collaboration rooms. The cineo35 3D provides a full bandwidth, uncompressed HD image in any color space, and with its range of options and affordable price, is an enabler for users that would otherwise not be able to show large screen 3D”.

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