eyeon Software First to Offer Stereoscopic Site Licensing

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Having seen a tremendous surge in the use of stereoscopic elements in VFX production since the beginning of 2010, eyeon Software today announced their latest licensing initiative, Stereoscopic Site Licensing.

Toronto, Canada – With the imminent release of Fusion 6.1 and related product updates, eyeon has dedicated significant resources to create leading stereoscopic pipelines.

Recent Fusion architectural advancements have created the ability to gear up for the high demand of stereoscopic production. Designed to take advantage of today’s super computing power, the new Stereoscopic Site Licensing provides studios with the future roadmap to low cost GPU rendering. The render farm queue is no longer hindering the production process. Gone are the days of waiting in line, render locally and view your work in seconds instead of hours or days.

Rotation 6.1 couples with Fusion 6.1 to introduce new tools for rotoscoping, keying, color management, and plugin support. The expanded capabilities are specifically targeted for shot prepping, touchup, tracking, and depth map generating for stereo conversion. Together, a site license of Fusion, Rotation, and Render Nodes gives artists the ability to be very creative and work more effectively. The artists are able to render locally and view their shots; submitting their finals in the least amount of time, eliminating cost prohibitive wait times and significantly reducing ongoing shot revisions.

eyeon’s Stereoscopic Site Licensing

$9,995      2 Fusion 6.1 
              10 Fusion Render Node 6.1 
              10 Rotation 6.1

$19,995    5 Fusion 6.1 
              20 Fusion Render Node 6.1 
              20 Rotation 6.1

$49,995  15 Fusion 6.1 
              50 Fusion Render Node 6.1 
              50 Rotation 6.1

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