VirtualRig Studio Version 2.1 Debuts

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Prague, Czech Republic - VirtualRig Studio software, now in Version 2.1, is designed to create realistic curved motion blur simulations previously only available with expensive camera rigs, reveals a company spokesperson. VirtualRig Studio 2.1 will be presented at Photokina in Cologne from 21 September through 25 September.

The main reasons to create that software we saw existing significant limitations of car run photography processing which represents 75 percent of all the automotive photography and increasing application 3D at visualizations in automobile industry. The basic idea of innovation consists in taking advantages of static photography of background which is consequently blured by drawn in vector and regulating blur strange and then 3D or real car is placed. VirtualRig drastically reduces the cost of professional car photography, cuts production time and brings new opportunities into CGI photography.

The main features are:
- curved motion blur
- support of transparent tiff images and HDR files
- speed adjustment in postproduction
- simple user interface and fast workflow
- for CGI and classic photography

Studio VirtualRig can show off sold licence all over the world and cooperation with world-known brand like Porsche, Maserati or Audi. Studio VirtualRig Version 2.1 is coming to market with number of new features and improved performance and is available in Lite and Pro version for Windows and Mac OS X.

A trial version can be downloaded at:

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