Tweak Software Releases RV 3.10 for Advanced Playback of Digital Media

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Los Angeles, Calif - Tweak Software , makers of RV, a next generation image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists, announced the release of RV 3.10.

The most notable enhancement in RV 3.10 is an intuitive drag and drop interface for comparing, editing, and laying out media for review and playback. These tools also work with RV's remote synchronization features for remote review with clients, vendors or other artists.

RV 3.10 capabilities include:

· Playback:  2K, HDR, Floating Point, Playback from RAM or Disk
· Review:  Organize and annotate media for desktop or dailies review
· Collaboration:  Connect to other artists, clients or vendors for remote review
· Editing: Edit sequences with lightweight intuitive tools
· Comparison:  Layout shots or cuts in tiled views, A/B compares with wipes
· Integration:  Script, customize, automate RV to fit into your pipeline or workflow

VFX and CG animation studios around the world including Digital Domain, WETA, Aardman, ILM, and many others use RV to playback and review digital media. RV's professional, high-performance toolset is built on an open, extensible architecture allowing users to adapt the software to their own pipelines and styles of working.

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