Shotgun and Rising Sun Research Announce Integration of Shotgun Production Tracking System and cineSync Remote Review Software

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Los Angeles, Calif and Adelaide, South Australia - Shotgun Software and Rising Sun Research (RSR) revealed the integration of their workflow solutions catering to visual effects, animation, and other digital production studios. Shotgun is a web-based project management and collaboration system and RSR’s cineSync is a remote review and approval tool that enables synchronized viewing and annotation of content across the web. Together, they enable teams collaborating across multiple locations to work more efficiently.

Shotgun is a flexible and scalable web-based project management system designed specifically for the visual effects, CG feature animation, and video game industries, allowing all parties involved in a project instant access to critical data, messaging, and real-time project progress. Available in both a hosted (SaaS) and licensed model, large, mid-sized, boutique facilities, and independent artists can all benefit from Shotgun-managed pipelines. Shotgun is currently in private beta.

cineSync is a visual collaboration tool for the VFX, animation, post production, games, and advertising industries around the globe. cineSync was developed to address the issue of remote reviews and approvals, allowing directors, producers and supervisors to perform live run-throughs of work being carried out in another country, another city or even the building next door, without needing to leave their office. Its intuitive interface, ease of use, and reliability has seen cineSync adopted worldwide as an industry standard tool for remote review and approval, making multi-facility, or event multi-country projects truly achievable.

The cineSync/Shotgun integration is available now via a free installer with cineSync Pro accounts. A free trial version of cineSync Pro, including the integration, is available by contacting cineSync.

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