LipSync Stereo3D Promo Green Lights 'Creeping Zero'

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Newbury, U.K. – London-based LipSync Post recently posted a nine minute promo on Pablo for Dan Films' 'Creeping Zero'. The piece, thought to be the first Stereo3D movie promo made, won two ovations at the European Film Market in Berlin, and has been instrumental in helping to secure funding for the movie to go into production. Stereo3D shooting of the full live action movie will commence later this year with release scheduled for 2011.

LipSync Post is owner of the U.K.'s largest number of 3D-equipped finishing systems with two Quantel Pablos and an iQ. "We are involved at the pitching stage for a number of major 3D projects but this is the first time we've been asked to help promote a film to win backers," said Kevin Phelan, LipSync's head of post-production. "Although it was only a relatively short piece, it required a lot of concentrated effort to convey its dark, threatening atmosphere and making the most of the possibilities of 3D for reinforcing this. In particular this meant getting the stereography just right, particularly the front-plane/back-plane. The Quantel 3D tools were great for this."

With LipSync Post fully tooled up for the 3D future, Phelan is looking forward to the rapidly growing business opportunities offered by this new medium. "I see 3D becoming a major part of our workload within the next two years," he says. "And 3D will also take off in broadcasting - the driver for how quickly relates directly to the cost of TV sets and production - affordability will drive adoption."

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