Autodesk to Unveil AutoCAD Freestyle

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On April 26, Autodesk will launch AutoCAD Freestyle, an easy-to-use, low-cost 2D drawing software package for creating professional-looking drawings, layouts and plans that can be shared. It has a simple user interface, with just the tools that  users need to start drawing right away - no training required. It’s easy enough to use that DIYers and hobbyists can use it to create professional-looking drawings and sketches. Yet, it provides specialty contractors and peripheral designers with a solution to meet their design needs.

While Autodesk is primarily known for creating complex software for designers, architects and engineers, it has a history of democratizing design technologies. AutoCAD Freestyle was created for use in home improvement projects, gardening, landscape design, light construction or any other task that requires the creation of accurate documentation. The release of this software demonstrates the potential of extending Autodesk technology to a greater ecosystem of users .

Autodesk is launching AutoCAD Freestyle—formerly Project Cooper—on Monday, April 26th.

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