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LAS VEGAS — The Pixel Farm (www.thepixelfarm.co.uk) will be showing products and hosting demos at its NAB booth this year. The company recently introduced PFDepth, a fully integrated toolset for spatial scene reconstruction, depth creation and 2D to 3D conversion, and will be demonstrating it at their NAB booth. The off the shelf product is designed to make the conversion process more accessible to small facilities.

Pixel Farm will also be showing PFClean, which makes a dramatic leap forward in price/performance at NAB with the debut of the Stream Pre-Processing Module. Available as an add-on option for the PFClean Remastering and Restoration suite, the Stream Pre-Processing Module offers CUDA GPU accelerated pre-processing of core restoration tasks, including degrain, dustbusting, de-interlacing, and LUT burn-in at speeds from realtime at SD up to 10fps at full 2K 10-bit. PFTrack is The Pixel Farm’s 3D camera tracking and matchmoving application. 

PFTrack 2012 benefits from the company’s ongoing R&D, and requests from users around the world. Notable additions in the latest version include a tightly integrated lens management workflow with The Foundry’s Nuke, enhanced z-depth tools for automatically generating more accurate depth maps, and new mask tools like planar-trackable x-splines and “Fuzzy Selection” masks, which greatly accelerate the rotoscoping process.

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