Fusion-io Brings the Power of ioMemory to the Workstation with Fusion ioFX
April 16, 2012

Fusion-io Brings the Power of ioMemory to the Workstation with Fusion ioFX

SALT LAKE CITY – Fusion-io announced that it is bringing the power of its ioMemory technology to visual effects professionals with the Fusion ioFX. Designed to eliminate data bottlenecks that slow the creative production process for digital artists, the Fusion ioFX enables creative professionals to meet deadlines while exploring more artistic possibilities by bridging the performance gap between workstations and today’s powerful digital content creation applications.

Based on the Fusion ioMemory platform, the 420GB Fusion ioFX connects via the PCI Express bus to provide studios and artists with a new memory tier that bridges the gap between creative potential and hardware performance in the production pipeline. Thanks to the cut-through architecture of ioMemory, the Fusion ioFX provides low-latency data performance tuned to manipulate digital content on the fly. With the ioFX, professionals can now view changes in real-time, even when working with high resolution stereoscopic content. The ioFX is also designed to accelerate video playback and rendering, video and image editing and compositing, encoding and transcoding as well as other data-intensive activities required in contemporary digital production. 

The Fusion ioSphere management system included with the ioFX allows studio IT managers to monitor and manage all Fusion ioMemory products deployed throughout the infrastructure from a single interface, including Fusion ioFX in workstations and Fusion ioDrives in servers. The ioSphere system delivers historical performance monitoring and reporting, live performance metrics, alerts and more to ensure production continues running smoothly.

The first solution in its class to significantly accelerate key content creation software can be deployed in minutes and delivers up to 1.5GB/sec bandwidth with sub-millisecond sustained access latency. In addition, the Fusion ioFX enables artists to interactively collaborate on high resolution, stereoscopic 2K and 4K content, which was previously impossible without a massive storage array. From footage capture in the field, to post-production of the finished film, the ioFX is architected for uninterrupted manipulation of digital content in real time. 

ioFX Video Production Contest
To enable artists to tell the ioFX story in their own words, Fusion-io is launching a video production contest on May 31, 2012. Artists will be able to create their own 60-second short incorporating footage posted on the Fusion ioFX Facebook page. Fusion-io Chief Scientist Steve Wozniak and actor Danny Trejo will be among the contest judges, with prizes including a Red Scarlet camera, Adobe Creative Suite software, and Fusion ioFX. The contest finalists will be invited to SIGGRAPH 2012 in Los Angeles for the grand prize ceremony. Artists can learn more starting today at www.fusionio.com/ioFX.

Pricing and Availability
The Fusion ioFX will be available from Fusion-io and select resellers in late Spring 2012 for $2,495, which includes a one-year support contract.