Bluefish444 Introduces New Fluid 4K Review

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S. Melbourne, Australia, April 16, 2012 – Bluefish444, manufacturer of t uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, announced the immediate availability Fluid 4K Review for use with Epoch and Create video cards at NAB 2012.

Fluid software is the next-generation Bluefish444 Windows software running on Epoch and Create video cards and offered as a bundle or licensed upgrade. Fluid software is developed to provide individual workflow solutions, is modular in nature and specifically tailored in each module for a specific need. Therefore, Bluefish444 customers do not have to pay for features provided in a product they will never use.

4K Review is a Windows player developed specifically to preview 4K RGB/YUV files output from Bluefish444 Epoch | Supernova video card on 4K-capable LCDs and projectors. It is a Bluefish444 hardware and software bundle targeted specifically towards cinematographers, visual effects artists and post production facilities that want to preview digital dailies in native 4K resolution.
One Epoch | Supernova and Fluid 4K Review will output 4K YUV SDI files and 2 Epoch | Supernova’s synchronized together with Fluid 4K Review will output 4K RGB SDI files. 
4K Review has a dynamic image cropping function to enable the 2K/HD component of 4K resolutions to be previewed at 1:1 pixel display. This feature ensures that cinematographers and visual effects artists can review their 4K files on the existing 2K/HD SDI monitoring equipment they have available if they have not yet upgraded to native 4K resolution previewing devices.
Key features include:
  • 4:4:4/4:2:2 HD SDI monitoring at up to 4K
  • Desktop and extended display preview
  • Dynamic image cropping function
  • Safe area markers
  • LUT
  • Review Lists
  • Meta-data handling
  • Uncompressed DPX playback 

“4K is quickly becoming the de facto resolution standard in digital production,” said Craige Mott, managing director of Bluefish444.  Many digital cinema cameras produce 4K resolution files but previewing them after the creative process as native 4K SDI has been an expensive exercise until now. Bluefish444 has custom developed the 4K Review player as a hardware and software bundle to simplify the preview of 4K files in their native resolution”.

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