Prime Focus Debuts Clear for Broadcast Operations

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Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is showcasing for the first time in the US CLEAR, its hybrid-cloud, multi-platform content operations and workflow management solution for the new era of broadcast operations.

PFT crafted the system from the ground up to serve this crucial market for a 24/7 global production/post-production environment that can enable broadcasters to drive better efficiencies and higher revenue at lower operating costs in the face of demands like migrating to HDTV to delivering programming across divergent viewing platforms (Internet, TV, mobile) simultaneously.

CLEAR is the first hybrid cloud-based operations solution in the content and workflow management space, according to a company spokesperson. CLEAR’s scalable global digital pipeline enhances collaboration, productivity, and asset utilization, increasing monetization opportunities, offering anywhere, anytime cost efficiencies with little to no upfront capital expenditure.

CLEAR provides a transformational digital architecture and a new way of working that challenges traditional norms by:
• Enabling concurrent work processes

• Allowing multi-platform fulfillment at no extra cost

• Reducing overall media processing costs by 30%

• Driving business agility with a transactional engagement model

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