Meduza Systems Presents The Meduza Stereoscopic 3D Camera
April 11, 2011

Meduza Systems Presents The Meduza Stereoscopic 3D Camera


Meduza Systems and its parent company, 3D Visual Enterprises, are unveiling the Meduza beyond-4K digital stereoscopic 3D (S3D) camera at NAB.


The Meduza Camera System is designed to place the art of filmmaking back at its source, in the hands of producers, directors, cinematographers, and filmmakers. The Meduza will be available September 2011.


The first single professional digital camera ever designed and built specifically to shoot in S3D, the Meduza helps make it easier, faster, and cheaper to produce 3D content. It enables filmmakers to shoot in the native 4:3 format at beyond 4K; content is acquired at 3072 x 4096 pixels for everything from 15/70mm giant screens to general theatrical screens, as well as S3D television viewing.


"The camera format and resolution level means that the image is being acquired at a 1:1 pixel ratio for Giant Screen 15/70mm format and still allows for smaller extraction for traditional cinema and TV," says Jonathan Kitzen, president of Meduza Systems. "This will also represent massive cost saving in image enhancement and postproduction. All other cameras on the market have to blow up to get to this format, the largest in the world, but the Meduza does not have that requirement."


The Meduza digital imaging system can be set up in minutes and has interchangeable lenses, precise remote controlled variable inter-axial (the distance between the lenses), and precise remote-controlled convergence. It is a single camera, with a single set of electronics and a single set of controls that powers two imaging sensors at the same time. The entire camera weighs less than 15 pounds.


 "The Meduza is the route to the ultimate solution," says Cary. "This is a completely new approach to the very specific needs of stereoscopic 3D content creation. For the first time, filmmakers and content creators are in full control of their system. The camera is not sensor dependent. As sensor capability advances, new modules will be available in weeks, not years to upgrade their camera. This way, filmmakers can choose the sensor and custom configuration that fits their needs and still have the ability to completely change over the camera in seconds. The Meduza is completely modular and is designed to solve problems at their source."


A Meduza Systems technical session will be held, Tues., April 12, at 1p.m., NAB Meeting Room C203.


Meduza Systems' NAB booth number is C12437.