Light Iron to Launch Live Play During NAB
April 4, 2011

Light Iron to Launch Live Play During NAB

The official launch of the company's LiVE PLAY and mobile dailies applications will enable the broader filmmaking community to see these groundbreaking tools firsthand and up close during NAB. LiVE PLAY is an automated and interactive playback system that enables users to monitor metadata-rich files--often directly from a camera--and simultaneously review takes and add comments on multiple iPads. Fully wireless, fully secure, and fully customizable, LiVE PLAY offers an entirely new level of collaboration amongst principals on set, furthering creative and technical communication between the production, visual effects department, the studio, and the editorial team. Event attendees will be able to explore LiVE PLAY's powerful collaboration tools including instant HD playback, database creation, and metadata management, regardless of how many iPads are in use. The post production community is accustomed to incorporating computer-based IT tools for enhanced efficiency. However, this often isn't the case on-set during principal photography. "What we found in working with digital movies is that we can provide significant value through on-set services," says Cioni.  "Today, the set does not have a robust IT-centric infrastructure. But we have a lot of tools in post production that can be leveraged for production's benefit."

Light Iron has already received fantastic feedback from directors and producers who have used the company's LiVE Play and mobile dailies applications. "We now have clients who rent multiple iPads so that they can leave them in different places to view their dailies," says Cioni.  The response has been overwhelming." Clients include Columbia Pictures, Walt

Disney Studios, Lakeshore Entertainment, NBC Universal, and Electric Entertainment. Cioni believes that the iPad is a preview of how life may be run in the future. "It will control things people wouldn't dream of," he predicts. The latest iteration of the iPad-based dailies application can transmit to the new Apple TV, which can connect to a computer, a TV, or a projector.

"It wirelessly and automatically transmits from your iPad, in HD, directly to a projector," he states. "A Light Iron-equipped iPad is not only a container for dailies and review systems; it's like having a VTR in your hands, enabling you to sit in your DI theater, browse months of media, and playback through the screening room projector."