IRIDAS Launches FrameCycler DDS 2011, SpeedGrade NX
April 14, 2011

IRIDAS Launches FrameCycler DDS 2011, SpeedGrade NX

IRIDAS is launching enhancements to its family of playback, conform, and review systems, as well as presenting a new stereo 3D production solution built on its DualStream technology. 

In its booth #SL7927, IRIDAS is demonstrating FrameCycler DDS 2011, a new playback, conform, and review system that extends existing stereoscopic capabilities. FrameCycler DDS 2011 adds parallax adjustments, mirroring, and many automatic and manual setup options, as well as extensive Python scripting options to simplify integration with production pipeline management systems. 

IRIDAS also unveils SpeedGrade NX, delivering refined stereo tools, a breakthrough in support for the latest RAW cameras, increased render speed, and improved color management. SpeedGrade NX includes a significant update to the award-winning DualStream stereo tool set, native ARRI ALEXA RAW workflows, and beta support for the EPIC camera from RED Digital Cinema. 

IRIDAS is providing technology demonstrations of a new 3D and 2D finishing system called Lumetri during NAB 2011. Lumetri will formally launch in the fall of 2011; additional details are being provided during the show.

"This has been an exciting year for production and post production pipeline technologies, from camera companies reaching new levels of performance and innovation, to the production crews themselves who are pushing the boundaries to create stunning, increasingly immersive cinematic experiences in both 2D and 3D," says Lin Kayser, CEO of IRIDAS. "IRIDAS has long been on the forefront of playback, conform and review systems innovation, and in the past year alone, has contributed significant advancements in stereo 3D production solutions. We've worked hard this year to exceed our customers' expectations, but we've worked even harder to invest in newer, more effective and significantly more innovative solutions that optimize all the new developments in the industry. And we're excited to share the results of that investment with our customers and partners at NAB 2011."

SpeedGrade NX brings refined stereo tools, a breakthrough in support for the latest RAW cameras, increased render speed and improved color management. SpeedGrade NX includes a major update to the award-winning DualStream stereo toolset, native ARRI ALEXA RAW workflows and beta support for the EPIC camera from RED Digital Cinema.

IRIDAS's Universal RAW architecture, which supports virtually all RAW cameras used in production today, has been updated to include native support for the ARRI ALEXA V3 color science. V3 RAW files can be reviewed and graded instantly in real time and high fidelity. This is especially important for stereo workflows, where 3K review in render quality previously required lengthy transcoding processes.

In addition to systems from RED and ARRI, IRIDAS continues to support virtually all other RAW-based cameras in the market, including cameras from Phantom, Weisscam, Silicon Imaging, Ikonoskop, Indiecam, and others.

IRIDAS's DualStream Stereo 3D tool set received the Gold Award from the International 3D Society last year. In SpeedGrade NX, the technology has been further refined with improved algorithms for automatic geometric and colorimetric matching. Users now have even more control over how the image is corrected. The floating window can now be adjusted to be diagonal edges for working with complicated edge violations.

SpeedGrade NX is available immediately and starts at USD $19,999. Upgrade pricing for existing SpeedGrade DI and FrameCycler DI customers is available. 

SpeedGrade NX is available for Windows, Mac and LINUX platforms.

FrameCycler DDS 2011 is IRIDAS's newly enhanced playback, conform and review system. Since its introduction in 2001, FrameCycler DDS has become the standard for VFX screening and approval workflows in post houses everywhere. 

FrameCycler DDS 2011 extends the existing stereoscopic capabilities of FrameCycler to add parallax adjustments, mirroring and many automatic and manual setup options. FrameCycler DDS 2011 also supports virtually all file formats most used in the industry, including DPX, OpenEXR and RAW formats from all major camera vendors. RAW files are displayed in real time in full render quality, and resolutions up to 8K are supported at 24fps. 

Additionally, FrameCycler DDS 2011 now supports extensive Python scripting options for automating routine tasks and integrating FrameCycler with production pipeline management systems.

For transcoding workflows, FrameCycler DDS adds new render options, including OpenEXR, and full automatic output calibration at render time ensures that render results matches exactly without the color shifts some formats introduce.

FrameCycler DDS 2011 is available for LINUX, Windows and Mac platforms and is available immediately for USD $8,100 (North America) EUR 5995 (World).