FilmLight Provides a Taste of Baselight for Editors
April 11, 2011

FilmLight Provides a Taste of Baselight for Editors


FilmLight is previewing a new Baselight color grading plug-in for Apple Final Cut Pro aimed primarily at smaller editorial and postproduction facilities, and indie filmmakers.


FilmLight is previewing Final Cut Pro and all the latest developments on Stand SL7920. It also is hosting in-depth demos of the new developments in the Paramount Room at The Renaissance Hotel.


Baselight for Final Cut Pro provides editors with access to Baselight functionality directly within the application. Editors can grade projects and then either render within the host application, or export the grade as an XML list-with all metadata preserved-to a full Baselight system for final adjustments and rendering. Similarly, grades prepared in a Baselight suite can be exported seamlessly to Final Cut Pro for conform and final editing.


Baselight for Final Cut Pro provides additional cost savings in that it is compatible with Avid MC Control and MC Transport panels. It does not require FilmLight's Blackboard control surface.


 "Baselight for Final Cut Pro provides smaller facilities with an inexpensive way to expand or upgrade their service offering with a brand that has become synonymous with high-quality color grading," says FilmLight co-founder Wolfgang Lempp.


Lempp added that Baselight for Final Cut Pro can also serve as a low-cost prep station for larger facilities with full Baselight systems. In such cases, it will be a huge improvement over current methods that rely on colour decision lists (CDLs ) to exchange grade data between editorial and grading suites. The system can also serve as a training tool for colourists and assistants.


The plug-in marks the start of an initiative designed to make Baselight's advanced functionality directly available within third party applications. In future, the technology behind Baselight for Final Cut Pro could be applied to other editing systems, as well as to visual effects and compositing systems.


FilmLight expects to release Baselight for Final Cut Pro this fall. Pricing has not been set but will be less than $1,000.