DSC Labs Introduces Dashwood 3D Chart
April 14, 2011

DSC Labs Introduces Dashwood 3D Chart

DSC Labs announces Dashwood 3D Chart, developed with stereographer and Dashwood Cinema Solutions founder Tim Dashwood and designed to enable 3D crews to achieve accurate 3D rig calibration when integrated with the new Dashwood Stereo3D CAT calibration software.

The chart's unique visual code trackers work alongside the application's logic system to automatically track to 1/100th of a pixel for ideal stereo alignment at unprecedented speeds. The chart also offers an optional interface for live wireless feedback, with iPad support to assist camera alignment, sync testing, slating, and color and gamma calibration. For those aligning without computer assistance, the Dashwood 3D Chart offers manual pattern alignment that features DSC Labs' distinctive FiddleHead spirals for corner-to-corner focus.


"The new Dashwood 3D Chart will expedite the geometric calibration of stereoscopic rigs by up to 1000 percent, eliminating any lens change hesitations," comments Dashwood. "It offers an empirical approach to camera alignment with automatic tracking options as well as optional iPad support--unlike anything that currently exists on the market."


DSC Labs president David Corley comments: "Over the years DSC has had the privilege of working with many of the unique individuals whose effort and work have resulted in the high quality images that the world enjoys today. Tim Dashwood is one of these genuine innovators, and we have watched his meteoric rise as a leader in the development of 3D. It has been a pleasure to work with Tim on the development of the truly innovative Dashwood 3D Chart."


Dashwood 3D Chart Features:          


Horizontal, vertical and angled alignment patterns

DSC Labs' distinctive FiddleHead spirals for corner-to-corner focus

ChromaDuMonde color reference on centerline to match vectorscope orientation

Linear left/right grayscale for matching gamma response in both cameras

See-through slots with 0.7% and 1% markers for checking positive parallax in the background

18% gray scale chips (at the top of the chart on RT and LT) to assist in even lighting

Optional iPad holder


Dashwood Cinema Solutions' Dashwood Stereo3D CAT and Stereo3D Toolbox v.3.0 work with the Dashwood 3D chart to automatically track to 1/100 of a pixel. When used with the optional iPad and Dashwood Cinema Solutions software (sold separately), users can also benefit from the following:

Stereoscopic Slating

Automatic Calibration Tracker for lightning-fast rig alignment

Sync Checker to confirm appropriate shutter sync between cameras

Stereo3D Visualizer to calculate dimensions of a scene, render a representation of the objects in the scene (including similitude), and warn against settings that may cause viewer discomfort


The Dashwood 3D Chart is debuting at the DSC booth (C10215) at the NAB 2011 show held in Las Vegas. Attendees will also be able to see its unique capabilities demonstrated at the Dashwood Cinema Solutions booth (C10514D3) and Stereo3D Unlimited booth (C10514D1) in the 3D Pavilion.