Cinedeck LLC Showcaes Enhanced Camera-to-Post Unified Workflows, Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D Capture, Playback
April 13, 2011

Cinedeck LLC Showcaes Enhanced Camera-to-Post Unified Workflows, Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D Capture, Playback

Cinedeck LLC is showcasing Cinedeck EXTREME v2.0 with full support for Avid DNxHD, CineForm, and Apple ProRes in a camera-to-post workflow environment, as well as launching the Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D capture and playback.
The Cinedeck Stereo Option adds dual camera monitoring, capture, and playback to the award-winning Cinedeck EXTREME, delivering mobile stereoscopic 3D capabilities to production crews of all sizes. Now cinematographers will have the most convenient 3D capture and playback visualization tool available on set--complete with full HD-SDI or HDMI monitoring, eliminating the need for redundant equipment. Cinedeck EXTREME’s new Stereo Option is built on CineForm’s award-winning Neo 3D and First Light stereoscopic production technology.

Cinedeck and Silicon Imaging also announces a new collaboration between the two companies in which Cinedeck is now delivering SI-2K 12-bit RAW 2K or HD Uncompressed and CineForm recording, 3D-LUT Color Processing with dual SDI monitoring on the Cinedeck EXTREME.

Cinedeck is working with the development team at ARRI to ensure comprehensive support for the ARRIRAW™ format, and to achieve formal certification as part of their Partner Program. ARRIRAW certification will be announced upon full completion of the certification process.

Cinedeck EXTREME will be on display for demonstration throughout the NAB 2011 convention, with demo units presented in multiple partner booths, including:
Cinedeck Booth #SL12116: demonstrated with Sony F23, Panasonic AG-3DA1
Sony Booth #C11001: featured with the Sony FS100 NXCAM
Hitachi Kokusai Booth # C4309: featured with the Hitachi SK-HD200
CineForm Booth #SL6929: featuring the Cinedeck Stereo 3D Option
Abel Cine Tech Booth #C8932: with the Phantom Flex
The Studio - B&H Booth #C10418: with the Sony PMW F3
Element Technica Booth #C12626: featured with the HydroFlex housing system

Available immediately as a new option, Cinedeck is adding a powerful, innovative real-time stereo 3D monitor, record and playback feature built on the award-winning CineForm Neo 3D and First Light technologies.

The enabling technology for Cinedeck EXTREME’s 3D option is a CineForm stereo MOV file that contains temporarily synchronized left and right eyes, each at full quality 1920x1080 HD spatial resolutions. In 3D presentation mode, both left and right eyes are blended into a single 1920x1080 HD frame size and the resulting HD frame is instantly displayed on the Cinedeck EXTREME as side-by-side, over-under, or interlaced per the format necessary for the display. Additionally, customers will have the ability to adjust convergence – horizontal, vertical, or rotational--dynamically during editorial using 3D Active MetadataTM controls inherent in CineForm’s First Light 3D, a technique which simplifies and reduces costs associated with a 3D conform. CineForm’s 3D Active Metadata also allows for real-time color correction on both eyes simultaneously, or on individual eyes to adjust for color variations that may be caused during the recording process. This new development will transform the stereo 3D production workflow for Cinedeck EXTREME.

Customers can take advantage of NAB 2011 special show pricing discounts. Effective immediately, Cinedeck EXTREME is priced as follows:

Cinedeck EXTREME HiBrite: $8,990 US (a $2,000 savings);
Cinedeck EXTREME : $8,495 US (a $1,500 savings);
Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D: $995 US;
Cinedeck SI-2K Camera Option: $3495 US;
Cinedeck FullStream Uncompressed Option: $3495 US (includes a 256GB RAID SSD)
Cinedeck ExSync Timecode Module: $895 US