CG Lighting and Rendering Software Bakery Relight to Launch at 2011 NAB Show
April 4, 2011

CG Lighting and Rendering Software Bakery Relight to Launch at 2011 NAB Show

Gemenos, France - The Bakery, a 3D computer graphics software company, will unveil its new animation and visual effects lighting and rendering solution Bakery Relight at the 2011 NAB Show. Designed for the high-end feature film, television, industrial, automotive, and architectural design industries, Bakery Relight is the first interactive, all-in-one lighting, shading, and rendering solution. With potent new artistic tools and accelerated and streamlined workflows, Bakery Relight expands creativity, increases productivity and turnaround times by significant orders of magnitude.
Born out of years of hands-on experience on top grossing feature films and in product development and proven through extensive pre-release testing, Bakery Relight is the first software solution to support the lighters' and shaders' iterative process--progressive and interactive refinement of properties and details--with full resolution feedback within seconds. This incremental methodology also enables superior matching of CG illumination with composited live action elements.
Said company co-founder, CEO Erwan Maigret, whose credits include technical lead on "Shrek 2," "Madagascar," and "Shrek the Third," "Bakery Relight not only introduces new artistic possibilities, it solves the lighting and rendering bottleneck found at nearly all studios. Our research tells us that companies that use Bakery Relight can improve turnaround times by up to 300%." 
Designed for both stereoscopic 3D and flat (2D) productions, Bakery Relight provides 3D HD preview and rapid 3D rendering of left and right eye views. A highly customizable solution, Relight integrates smoothly with popular, complementary software packages both off-the-shelf and proprietary. It also supports multiple artists and technicians working in parallel in a single or at multiple locations and provides easy ins-and-outs for them. 
The Bakery will demonstrate Bakery Relight at the 2011 NAB Show, April 11 to 14, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Lower #10008. Special introductory pricing packages will be available for the month of April.