Assimilate Announces Full Scratch Support for RED Epic 5K Camera
April 14, 2011

Assimilate Announces Full Scratch Support for RED Epic 5K Camera

Assimilate, a provider of postproduction tools for digital workflows, has underscored its long-term leadership in supporting set-to-post workflows for RED Digital Cinema camera systems with the announcement of full Scratch tools and workflows that support the new RED Epic 5K camera and HDRx format from RED.


The announcement continues Assimilate's long-running history of spearheading support for RED cameras and formats, handling all current features of the RED Epic camera, and working seamlessly and in realtime on native R3D 5K files.


Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is the first-known production to have deployed Scratch to handle RED Epic 5K footage. Multiple Scratch systems performed flawlessly in a 3D stereo workflow for this feature that was developed and managed by Company 3 in Los Angeles.


Ted Schilowitz of RED, comments: "Scratch was the first DI tool to support native RED workflows from the original RED ONE, and it's been right there with us through every innovation since. Now everyone, who wants to invest in our new Epic camera system, will have immediate availability to a solid and streamlined set-to-post workflow in the form of Scratch."


Earlier this year, Assimilate reported record Scratch sales into RED features, commercials, broadcast, and music video projects in 2010.