Portable Workstations from NextComputing Placed With Key Partners at NAB 2010
April 16, 2010

Portable Workstations from NextComputing Placed With Key Partners at NAB 2010

Las Vegas - NextComputing, makers of high-performance portable and small footprint computers, will be exhibiting with several key exhibitor partners at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Radius portable workstation is a lightweight, briefcase-sized computer with an integrated HD display. Incorporating the latest processing technology from Intel and graphics from Nvidia and PNY, the Radius addresses a number of challenges involving the capture, management, and distribution of HD content in remote locations.
NextComputing will have several Radius systems with the following exhibitor partners:

At the Intel booth (N1323), NextComputing will demonstrate a portable HD/2K stereoscopic 3D capture and review system using the SI-3D stereo camera rig from Silicon Imaging, which relies on Nvidia Quadro GPUs to perform real-time de-bayering. This demo will be comprised of two SI-2K cameras recording in stereoscopic mode directly to Intel solid-state disks installed in the Radius portable workstation, and played back out to a 3D monitor for instant capture and review. The combined camera and workstation solution is available now through NextComputing and Silicon Imaging.

At the Nvidia booth (SL5629), NextComputing will show a portable implementation of the Nvidia Quadro Digital Video Pipeline in the Radius system. The Quadro Digital Video Pipeline consists of an Nvidia Quadro SDI Input board, a Quadro FX 3800, 4800, or 5800 graphics processing unit (GPU), and Quadro SDI Ouput board, providing a complete GPU-based acquisition-to-output digital video solution. NextComputing’s uniquely compact and powerful computers allow broadcast and digital film professionals to work with the real-time video capabilities of the Quadro Digital Video Pipeline, even when away from the studio.

Sony Creative Software
In the Sony Creative Software booth (C10515), NextComputing will show its Radius portable workstation running Sony Vegas™ Pro 9 editing software. Visitors will get to see how mixed-format, multi-stream real-time HD editing is possible on a portable system, including a powerful 2K/4K workflow using native .R3D files. In addition, NextComputing is working with GamePlan Technologies in the booth to showcase a portable solution for AVCHD field acquisition, HD proxy creation and distribution, and metadata management.

ASSIMILATE – SCRATCH Digital Finishing Solution
At ASSIMILATE’s demo suites in the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, NextComputing will unveil its portable solution for on-set data management of RED .R3D camera files. This turnkey hardware and software solution combines NextComputing’s Radius portable workstation with Assimilate’s Rocket Fuel bundle, which includes the RED Rocket accelerator card, Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 SDI, and ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH CINE v5.0 that leverages the Nvidia CUDA parallel processing architecture.